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A Note from Mark on Oil Service

A Note from Mark...

This month we are featuring "oil changes." Why? Well there is a lot of talk and discussions going around the dinner table about "oil change intervals." There is a wide range of drain intervals from: 3 month/5000km to 12 month/24,000kms?What has changed? Well oil quality is better, but filters are lot smaller! The fuel is worse with the higher percent of ethanol, engines are smaller, more complex, run leaner and hotter (for lower emissions) with Turbo charging, variable valve timing, cylinders on demand, V-tec solenoids, mutli-timing chains, valve train solenoids, Direct Fuel Injection. To get every ounce of power from a litre of fuel, most 4 cylinder engines produce more power than your Grandfather's V-8 Buick ever did on a good day and on 1/3 the fuel and close to zero emissions. So what is right for you?Well I have modified the service intervals based on what we see in the industry. Our maintenance plans are designed to follow the manufactures service interval as a guide but also to get the car to last 10 years not just 3 or 4 while under warranty. For example, our older clientele that perhaps drive a lot less and would never put on more than 5000k in a year, I recommend 2 changes a year at 6 months intervals, that way the vehicle is getting inspected, the oil is getting changed and they are safe and sound. For our European and Import customers, some manufactures recommend 12 month/24k services. We suggest 4, 5, and 6 month services, due to sludge build up, and engine damage but depends on the make and model. If you follow the suggested drain intervals by the manufacture you will be okay during the warranty period, but what about after? That is my concern with a long drain interval like 6 month/12,000kms or 12 month/24,000km. We drive an average of 20,000 to 30,000kms a year, so by doing an oil service at a shorter interval would be like adding 1 extra a year? So is a $40.00 -$100.00 investment a year to make the engine last LONG after the warranty has expired worth it? I think so.

Cheers Mark


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