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Fleet Services

Fleet Services

Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Service Specialists by Marks Auto Service in Oakville, ON If you have a business in the Oakville area with a fleet of vehicles - big or small - Marks Auto Service can help! We are experienced fleet and commercial vehicle service specialists. In business, we know that time equals money. And any time your fleet vehicle is off the road equals profit loss. We can help you maintain your fleet of commercial vehicles to minimize time off the road, as well as perform any needed auto repairs. Why choose Marks Auto Service as your fleet service provider? Priority service for fleet vehicles. Local and nationwide auto repair warranty. Click here to learn more. We can perform logbook servicing and stamp your book. Your new car warranty is protected. We employ only experienced, professionally licensed Technicians. We required our techs to attend ongoing training so they stay on top of the latest technologies and techniques. Marks Auto Ser ... read more


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