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The Safety Triangle

There are three parts of a vehicle -- brakes, tires, and shocks -- that work all together and are often called The Safety Triangle. Car Care Canada recommends ensuring that all the safety features on your car are properly maintained and in proper working order. They recommend paying particular attention to the Safety Triangle. These three parts of a vehicle -- brakes, tires, and shocks -- all work together: BRAKES Brakes are the most critical safety item on a vehicle. And studies show that after tires, they are the leading vehicle defect reported at highway accidents. All three parts of the safety triangle must be in good working order to ensure top stopping, or braking performance. . TIRES Tire inflation is something very straightforward that motorists can check themselves. Low tire pressure can increase braking distance. At any one time, vehicles stay on the road courtesy of about four hand-sized pieces of rubber compound. With ... read more