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About Our Team

The backbone of our operation.

Our Team | Mark's Auto Service

We feel that the most important asset of our business is our employees and their ability to satisfy our customers’ automotive service and repair needs. We work hard to provide an enjoyable working atmosphere and pay our Technicians fair wages. We want their number one focus to be on fixing our customers’ vehicles, taking the time that is needed to do the job right, the first time.

In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly service advisors are always ready and quick to help our customers. It is a team effort, and we appreciate the contribution made by each member of our staff.

Mark Bergasse

Founder, Red Seal Service Technician, Diagnotics Specialist 40+ years experience

I started in my Automotive career right after high school, apprenticing at BR Shell Service in Oakville, under the watchful eye of Russ Pritchard, I honed my skills as a troubleshooter and Master Mechanic, we fixed anything that rolled on wheels and more

I remember getting a tap on the shoulder by a gentleman who said "excuse me do you fix fat tires?' I said yes we do, well there is an elderly lady broken down on the sidewalk in a Scooter with a flat......long story short, we got patched up [pun intended] and on her way, that is what I like about the automotive field, there is never a dull day at the shop.

Amory Ramroop

Service Advisor

Amory has over 25 years of Automotive expertise and brings a wealth of information to our team

He will help guide you through your automotive needs with ease giving you confidence every step of the way

How do you say my name? Amory but it sounds like the song   "like a big Pizza pie, that's Amore" .....thanks Mom


Hannah Clarke

Service Advisor

Hannah has over 6 years of Automotive experience,and is a great add to the team.

Hannah grew up handing her dad a wrench or a nut and bolt and loves the Automotive field.

"The customers here at Mark's Auto Service are so friendly"


Shawn Edwards

 Red Seal Service Technician, Diagnostics, Electrical Wizard

I have been working with Mark for over 18 years now. I became interested in the automotive trade in high school. I attended M.M. Robinson H.S. in Burlington where I grew up. I graduated in 1990 and received a Certificate of Academic Achievement in mathematics for technology, machine shop and automotive courses.

I attended Mohawk College and was employed at a local dealership. After a four year period, I received my Certificate of Qualification in 1997 with my inter-provincial qualifications. With lots of hard work, I also received my certificate in the safe handling of Ozone Depleting Substances, Emissions Specialist.

After working in some repair facilities, I decided to get into the technical aspects of the automotive trade. That is where Mark comes in. His facility repairs a lot of drivability problems that stump other shops. Thanks to his mentoring, I have become an automotive electronics specialist. I love the high-tech end of the trade and enjoy working with those electrons. I spend a lot of time keeping on top of technology, and I am always learning and growing as a technician. Technology never stops, neither can we.

In my spare time I enjoy restoring my 1943 Ford 3/4 ton army truck. I have also helped restore a 1943 WIlly’s MB army jeep that belongs to my grandfather. If I’m not working on vehicles. I also have my certificate of proficiency in amateur radio. That allows me to learn a great deal about the rest of the world. Talking to other radio enthusiasts around the world is a great experience. Take care, and happy motoring. Don’t forget to stop by for an Service, and take a tour of the shop.

Steve Handojo

Red Seal Service Technician, European Drivability Expert, Wheel Chair Lift Bus Specialist

Hello, I was born and raised in Indonesia, but I have been living in the Toronto area since 1999.I graduated from The Automotive Technology Centre in 2005. I joined the team at Mark’s Auto Service shortly after and continued my training attending Mohawk College in Hamilton for mechanic’s My experience here has been great; everything’s been going well as I”ve been learning from Mark and Shawn. I feel these guys are really good at what they do. Best of all, Marks Auto Service has top of the line equipment and tools to work with. What makes Marks Auto Service so great for me is that I can be around what I love…cars! I have a true passion for them.

 My hobbies include camping, skiing, fishing, dancing and Home improvement. I am looking forward to seeing you in the shop.

Erwin Noronha

Licensed 310S Service Technician



Mike Iskan

Mechanics Helper, tire technician