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The Role of Small Business in Community Outreach

The Role of Small Business in Community Outreach

Summertime is a busy season with family holidays and lots of activities. But like many times of the year, it is important to continue supporting local charities and non-profit groups that are helping our community every day. Small businesses like ours are vital to charities and community outreach programs because we are able to support a wide variety of groups based on your valued business. It's important for us to give back to our local groups that are providing help with food and clothing programs, assistance to the elderly, youth programs, and many others. The old saying that "Charity Begins at Home" is important to us because it is generally grassroots efforts from local citizens and small businesses that provide both money and services to groups that rely on our support to provide assistance to those in need. We are proud to support local charities like Canadian Red Cross Oakville, Community living Oakville, Oakville Kiwanis Club, and Oakville ... read more