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Your Vehicle & The Cold Weather - Must-Know Maintenance Tips

Your Vehicle & The Cold Weather - Must-Know Maintenance Tips | Mark's Auto Service

It's not just your fingers that might be numb from the relentless icy winds of winter – your trusty car also feels the sting of cold weather. It may not shiver or chatter its components in discomfort, but the plummeting temperatures can wreak silent havoc on every bolt, battery, and belt beneath its frost-covered exterior. 

But worry not! We've put together some hot maintenance tips that will keep your vehicle running as smoothly as possible!

  Oil & Fluid Check

As temperatures dive, oil can thicken, which means your engine might be doing cold morning calisthenics without proper lubrication. Switching to a winter-grade oil with lower viscosity ensures smoother startups and happier engines. 

Don't stop there; check transmission fluid, brake fluid, and antifreeze levels to secure an all-systems-go before you hit that ice-crusted road.

  A Battery That Doesn't Leave You Out in the Cold

Cold weather can be a ruthless thief when it comes to stealing the pep from your battery's step. Colder temperatures slow down the chemical reactions inside a battery, diminishing its ability to hold a charge—and leaving you potentially stranded with an unresponsive metal steed. Get ahead by checking the battery charge and replacing any aged or feeble ones before they surrender to the season's frosty assault.

  Ensure Tire Traction

You wouldn't go ice-skating in sandals; likewise, outfitting your ride with proper footwear is crucial when roads turn into slip'n slides. Winter tires are crafted with deeper treads and special rubber compounds designed for optimum grip even when Old Man Winter throws his worst temper tantrums at pavement surfaces.

  Clear Those Windows

Imagine driving blindfolded through a blizzard—an activity both dangerous and frankly illegal. Wiper blades specific for winter come armed with rugged rubber that doesn't turn brittle in cold temps. Supplement these blades with deicing washer fluid and maintain window defrosters functioning because seeing clearly isn't optional when it comes to safe wintertime driving escapades.

  A Winter Care Kit

Prepare like you're stocking Santa's sleigh—with utility instead of toys. Assemble an emergency kit including blankets, flashlights with extra batteries, snacks like energy bars, water bottles that won't freeze overnight—a whistle (just trust us), jumper cables for rescuing less-prepared souls along snowy byways—and always carry kitty litter or sand as tire traction helpers if you find yourself immobilized off-road due to slippery conditions.

These maintenance rituals don't just strengthen defenses against chilling damage, they elevate your peace of mind, knowing you've built a warm fortress of preparedness around your car against winter's advances. And if you face a few minor issues along the way, like breakdowns or a lit check engine light, give us a call at Mark's Auto Service in Oakville, ON, so we can take a look and fix the issue!