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Winter Tires are key to save driving

It’s time for winter tires and with forecasts of a cold and snowy fall and winter season, don’t delay in getting prepared!

While most new vehicles are equipped with all-season tires from auto manufacturers, there is a definite difference between all-season and winter tires. In light snow road conditions, all-season tires provide enough traction, but in heavy snow, slush, and ice conditions, winter tires are the proven answer to better road grip, cornering, braking and overall handling. In one recent independent tire test, a BMW equipped with ani-lock brakes and winter tires stopped in 17.28 meters (59 feet) on a snow-packed road, while the same vehicle with all-season tires did not stop for another 9.17 meters. Testing of acceleration and cornering determined that vehicles equipped with tires designed specifically for winter driving out-performed all-season tires in every test. Even vehicles equipped with traction control and stability systems achieved safer and more efficient handling with winter tires. Winter tires simply provide better traction and vehicle control, as well as safer winter driving. So consider these factors as the season changes and take advantage of our October specials on several quality brands of winter tires!!