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TPMS, what is it and what does it do? Well we all know that maintaining proper tire pressure saves gas right?..RIGHT? well it can also save warning of a potenial tire blow out and this is where Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems come to earn there space on the dash board, well the warning lamp any way. Basically speaking it like the name says Monitor Tire Pressure, but how? There are a few systems out there from mild to wild, some use the existing Anti-lock BrakeSystem to measure Tire speed [how fast it turns] and if the tire pressure drops due to a puncture that wheel will turn faster as the circumference gets smaller, inexpensive, gets the job done, or meets the mandate, but not precise, the other system is more reliable and with that comes expense, it has a stand alone computer [TPMS Module] and 4 or 5 [spare tire] sensors inside the tires, and they report back to the TPMS module: Tire pressure, Temperature, Battery life..yes Battery Life, these sensors have a built in battery that have a life span of ???? 5-10 years, and are some what fragile during tire service, dismounting and installing snow tires etc. Did I say expensive..... Well as they say you can't put a price on safety. Cheers Mark


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