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The New Drive Clean Program

Drive Clean Modernization Drive Clean plays an important role in safeguarding Ontario's air quality by identifying excessively polluting cars and trucks with emissions problems and requiring them to be repaired. While today's vehicles are cleaner through advances in emissions technology, all vehicles require regular maintenance to keep them operating properly. Learn more>> Over the past decade, Drive Clean has tightened emissions standards and focused the program on the vehicles that are most likely to pollute. On January 1, 2013, Ontario introduced changes to the emissions test to make the Drive Clean program even better. The new test takes advantage of the computerized monitoring equipment in today's technologically advanced vehicles The modernized Drive Clean program will provide significant benefits by:
  • Providing a faster, more accurate emissions test;
  • Identifying vehicles with emissions systems failures before they become gross polluters
  • Identifying emissions systems problems for more effective repairs;
  • Reducing more smog-causing pollutants from vehicle emissions; and
  • Minimizing fraud.
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