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Common Winter Tire Myths

MYTH 1 - My vehicle has 4WD, I do not need winter tires. FALSE These systems do provide optimized power transmission delivery but provide minimal assistance in transverse handling and braking situations. Important weight combined with higher ground clearance are other factors that affect negatively the stability and control of these vehicles. With the installation of winter tires, the driver can feel optimized levels of traction during all maneuvers including acceleration, braking and handling situations. MYTH 2 - I have ABS (antilock braking) I do not require winter tires. FALSE These advanced systems are designed for vehicle stability, power transmission, and controlled braking and alone are not substitutes for optimized traction grip during all types of winter driving maneuvers including braking, acceleration, and handling. MYTH 3 - It doesn’t snow that much anymore. I feel my all-season tires are my best choice. FALSE ... read more


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