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7 Car Maintenance Issues Teens Need to Learn

September Means Back to School Driving 7 Car Maintenance Signs Your Teen Needs to Know for a Better, Safer Car SIGN #1 - Car AlignmentPotholes. There are many things that can cause car misalignment. One of these causes is constantly hitting potholes. We all hit them, but if your teen just got access to a car and the car was perfect beforehand, then he/she might need to be told about avoiding potholes. Hitting Curbs. There are also alignment issues from hitting curbs. There aren't many reasons why your teen should be hitting the curb. Perhaps your teen is in need of some more parking lessons. Speed bumps/Railroad Tracks. Another cause of misalignment is going over speed bumps and railroad tracks too fast. Even after many years of being on the road, adults also tend to forget there's a speed bump until it's too late to slow down. You might let that one slip a little except driving too fast is dangero ... read more