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Fuel Saving Tips as Gas Prices Soar

Fuel Saving Tips as Gas Prices Soar

Record Gas Prices Make it Perfect Time to "Be Car Care Aware." With gas prices soaring, Car Care Canada is offering gas-saving maintenance and driving tips that really work. "Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gasoline is wasted every day by motorists, because simple and inexpensive vehicle maintenance is neglected," says Car Care Canada's Marc Brazeau. "Loose or missing gas caps, under-inflated tires, worn spark plugs and dirty air filters all contribute to poor fuel economy." Car Care Canada offers these fuel-saving tips:Vehicle gas caps - In Canada, the provinces with emissions testing programs suggest that this is a common cause for failing an emissions test - yet it is simple and inexpensive to fix. According to US studies, about 17 percent of the vehicles on the roads have gas caps that are either damaged, loose or are missing altogether. Under inflated tires - When tires aren't inflated properly it's ... read more