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4 gas-saving 'Myths' that don't work

Summer Travel Season is Upon UsAdvice such as buying gasoline in the cool of the morning or leaving the tailgate down has been tried -- with disappointing results. There are a lot of smart ways to save on gas. For instance, you can use a website such as GasBuddy to find cheaper gas stations in your area, buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle or drive less aggressively so your car uses less gas. These are all proven methods for reducing how much you need to budget for gas, but there are other widely used methods that don't pass the smell test. Here are a few: Buy gas early in the morning. Gasoline is denser at colder temperatures, so the theory here is that if you fill up early in the morning while it's still cool out, you'll get more bang for your buck -- a gallon of gas bought cold will expand to be a little more than a gallon when it gets warmer. But as we explained in our look at c ... read more


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Fuel Saving Tips As Gas Prices Soar

Record Gas Prices Make it Perfect Time to "Be Car Care Aware" With gas prices reaching close to a dollar a litre in some pats of the country, Car Care Canada is offering gas saving maintenance and driving tips that really work. "Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gasoline is wasted every day by motorists, because simple and inexpensive vehicle maintenance is neglected," says Car Care Canada’s Marc Brazeau. "Loose or missing gas caps, under-inflated tires, worn spark plugs and dirty air filters all contribute to poor fuel economy." Car Care Canada offers these fuel-saving tips: Vehicle gas caps – In Canada, the provinces with emissions testing programs suggest that this is a common cause for failing an emissions test – yet it is simple and inexpensive to fix. According to US studies, about 17 percent of the vehicles on the roads have gas caps that are either damaged, loose or are missing altogether. Under inflated tires ... read more