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New Law and Bluetooth blues

What is Bluetooth? Well from the website it is a wireless short-range communications system intended to replace the cables. The Bluetooth core system consists of an RF transceiver, baseband and protocol stack. Or in simple terms: Hands free connection to your phone! Why do I need this? Well it’s the law [in case you didn’t know] and for good safety in the car, you can talk hands free [if you need to] with your Bluetooth device. They come in 4 basic types: and you can buy them or we can install them for you. Price guide $=100.00
  • Ear bud type [visualize Star Trek look] clips to your ear. $
  • Remote speaker type [looks like a pager] clips on the visor $
  • Professionally installed in your car, and has buttons on the dash, and sound from your radio speakers $$-$$$$$
  • Built in the car [some cars as early as 2005, example Acura MDX]
Visualize this: you're driving down the road, the radio is blasting out your favorite tunes or Hockey game, the radio mutes, phone rings, touch a button on the steering wheel and answer the call, when your done, push the button again, hangs up the call [do you still call it that in the car?] radio resumes. Sweet! Never took my eyes off the road. But basically if you plan to drive and talk on the phone you will need one of the options or face a fine in Ontario as of October 2009, the police will go easy on you until February 2010. The new law will make it illegal for drivers to talk, text, type, dial or email using hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communications and entertainment devices. Using a hands-free device is permitted as long as the device is: Placed securely in or mounted to the motor vehicle so that it does not move while the vehicle is in motion and the driver can see it at a quick glance and easily reach it without adjusting his or her driving position. For example, it could be secured in a cell phone holster, placed in the vehicle's cup holder, or fastened to the dashboard. It should not be sitting unsecured on the passenger seat. Cheers Mark P.S. We have some options available to help, give us a call and speak to our Service Advisor.


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