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oakville lexus auto repairOakville Lexus Service and Repair

Lexus auto repair specialists of Marks Auto Service.

Did you know that you can drive your Lexus for 200,000+ kilometers and enjoy its performance, reliability and safety just as it was when it was new? The secret is preventive maintenance. The professional mechanics at Marks Auto Service in Oakville knows your Lexus inside and out - we have the specifications and expertise to help you properly maintain your Lexus so you can reach that 200,000 km mark and beyond. Whether you're looking for an engine tune up, wheel alignment, oil change, brake repair or computerized vehicle diagnostics, you can count on Marks Auto Service to provide you with the best auto repair in Oakville that you and your Lexus deserve. Our professionally licensed technicians can perform the following auto repair services on your Lexus: Call us today to schedule your appointment, or use our convenient Real-Time Appointment Scheduler.

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