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It's time for Winter Tires!

Some insurance companies are offering discounts for using Winter Tires - Ask Yours!Mark's Auto Service offers these great services:
The facts about winter tires and why all-season tires just won't do. Ever since the introduction of the all-season tire, Canadian drivers have slid and spun their tires through the coldest months of the year. Here's the kicker: it doesn't seem to matter whether there's snow on the ground or not. Unlike all-season tires, winter tires (identified by mountain and snowflake symbols on their sides) have tread patterns and softer rubber compounds that are tailored for colder conditions. And that helps them perform better once temperatures plummet, whether or not they have to dig through the white stuff. All-season tires can turn into four round black rocks when the cold hits. Even on dry pavement, this starts at about 7c. So have them installed at Mark's anytime after Labour Day. Don't wait until November, it may be to late for black ice. And a study conducted by the Quebec Ministry of Transport showed that a proper winter tire can improve braking by up to 25 percent over an all-season radial and CAN IMPROVE COLLISION AVOIDANCE BY ABOUT 38 PERCENT!Just add 2? No, it's not your grand dad's old Buick any more, where 2 snow tires were on the back to get moving . Today's cars are lighter and use low profile all-season tires and in Winter you need 4 Winter tires. To maintain control in turns and to Stop. Have you ever tried to walk in snow with 1 running shoe and 1 winter boot? Well you car wouldn't like it either. One last note, the temperature can easily slide from 5 degrees to -15 degrees overnight, dropping tire pressure as much as 4 p.s.i. If you have an under-inflated tire, that could put you into the danger zone. Tires should be checked monthly. This is why we check the tires with every service.

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