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Drive GREEN with On Green Go Tires!

Mark's Auto Service now offers environmentally friendly, Remolded Tires!

ECO-TIRE MANUFACTURINGRemolds deliver the quality, appearance and warranty equal to new tires. The treads have been designed with 50 years experience, proven for dependable performance with proper and regular maintenance. At up to 50% less than the cost of a new tire you are guaranteed superior performance and value. If you already drive a fuel efficient car — or maybe even a hybrid vehicle — then a remolded tire is for you. You will be actively contributing to reducing the use of fossil fuels without sacrificing safety or performance. And remolded tires come with a warranty that rivals those of traditional tires. What’s more, they are economical, which is rare for high quality ecological products. But that's not all. Most new tires are produced and imported from Asia. In contrast, 90% of the raw materials come from Canada, which limits the damaging environmental impacts of shipping goods and materials long distances. By producing remanufactured tires, we also keeps hundreds of thousands of tire carcasses out of our landfills. Altogether, our remolded tires are about the most ecological tires you can find. These tires are top-quality, ecological tires that have been made new again — but at a far lower cost than new tires. Learn more at Watch video of Remolding Process- by Discovery ChannelInformation from


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