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DID YOU KNOW? May is Car Care Month!

The goal of Car Care Month is to build awareness and knowledge to prepare motorists to make sensible decisions about their vehicles.

Reversing unperformed maintenance will conserve energy, improve highway safety and benefit the environment.

Tips on Preparing for Summer

Car Care Canada offers tips to prepare for summer, to keep your vehicle dependable and safe, to protect the environment and to enhance and maintain your vehicle investment. Conduct regular maintenance – follow a scheduled maintenance plan.
  • Replace worn out parts, such as belts and hoses, before they break.
  • Be sure to check all of the fluids (Brake, Coolant /Anti-Freeze, Power Steering, Transmission, Washer fluid) in your car, not just the oil and gas.
  • Hot weather is the true culprit behind car-battery trouble – it actually shortens battery life. Summer is the season for major car-battery problems.
  • Hot summer weather can be tough on a vehicle, even if you have your vehicle serviced regularly, be sure to have it inspected before a major road trip, and be sure to tell your technician your travel plans (in the mountains, towing a trailer, thousands of kilometres.)
  • Clean your vehicle regularly and tend to nicks and chips immediately.
  • Learn more and read tips on "Getting Ready for Summer" at Be Car Care Aware - Get Ready for Summer!
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