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DID YOU KNOW? Marks Supports Local Charities & Community Organizations!

Giving of your time and money to charities and community organizations is one of the most important elements of our society. The philosophy of giving dates back to early times, when those with resources helped those in need - and that is just as vital in today's environment. Donating time to charities or worthy organizations, from those that provide services to the poor or helping coach a youth sports team, allow each of us to give back and help others. In the process, it allows us a sense of satisfaction and our donation of time or money can make an immense difference in someone's life. There are many causes that require volunteers and donations today in order to provide important services to those in need. Some are grassroots groups working in local neighborhoods, while others are making a difference on a global basis assisting those plagued by famine or nature's fury. We have made it easy for you to donate to the cause of your choice. When your use our Online Appointment Scheduler, you get to choose the charity or organization you want us to donate to. You simply tell us where you want money donated and we will handle it on your behalf. It's a Win-Win for all of us - and it's a partnership that helps us all!


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